The Best Winter Break Destinations in the United States

Snow-covered mountains, Christmas lights, warm sunny beach towns, wilderness cabins, you name it. There are numerous exciting winter activities and destinations in the United States. Our Group Travel Service has come up with a list of several exceptional winter destinations that you and your loved ones can try out this winter.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a popular winter destination during, especially due to the Mardi Gras festival, drawing people from all over the world to the Big Easy. Besides Mardi Gras, New Orleans has exceptional Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, world-class restaurants, and cafes, and lower hotel rates in comparison to most popular cities in the United States.

Orlando, Florida

Winter is the best time to visit Orlando. This family-friendly destination is not as congested as most cities around this time of year, which means shorter lines at the famous theme parks. Orlando also offers world-class hotel options that are surprisingly pocket-friendly.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is one of the greatest winter destinations in the U.S and is a prime hub for skiing. You can get accommodations in downtown from where you can take a short 30-minute drive to the slopes. Salt Lake City is also one of the most affordable cities to live in, which guarantees that you get more for less in terms of holiday experience.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Visit the New Mexico capital for an excellent winter experience. The weather in Santa Fe is mild; not too warm, not too cold, which gives you a mixed winter experience. In Santa Fe, you will be able to access the slopes of Taos, Angel Fire, and Ski Santa Fe. The city’s most unique feature is its peace and quiet around winter time, making it a perfect destination for anyone who wants a serene holiday experience.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Unlike Santa Fe, Las Vegas is a wild city; head over there if you want an untamed holiday experience. In Las Vegas, you can barely tell whether it’s day or night because the city is always so lively. The cool desert temperature is a nice change if you come from an extremely cold region but it’s the crazy New Year’s Eve celebrations that you should look forward to.

Nashville, Tennessee

They don’t call it the Music City for nothing; its bustling music scene is what gives this otherwise unassuming city its edge. However, Nashville also offers visitors a country-Christmas experience and hospitality that you won’t find anywhere else. Enjoy the Belle Meade Plantation and Belmont Mansion tours and watching games at the Music City Bowl this winter.

Los Angeles

Despite its sunny weather and numerous beaches, L.A has only recently started to receive recognition as a fitting winter travel destination. Winter in L.A is the perfect time to land sweet hotel deals in a usually pricey city. Enjoy the beaches and warm weather and some of L.A’S affordable luxuries, for example, the delicious street food.