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How to Travel with a Pet

If you’re reading this, you must have a pet, or you just love animals. Well, if so, you must have dream  of bringing your four-legged furry friend along on a trip, right? This isn’t a pipe dream, it’s very much possible, but it can be very hectic if you’re not prepared for it. If you […]

How to Plan a Trip with a Big Group

Planning a trip can be a stressful affair; now try adding a few extra people to the mix and the stress level doubles. But only if you’re not doing it right. If you’re planning a trip with a big group, possibly your friends, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy it. Our Group Travel agency is […]

Advantages of Traveling Solo

Traveling itself has so many benefits, the greatest of these being that it expands our horizons and opens us up to a world beyond our own. However, traveling alone has its own unique benefits, and if you have dreamt of going on a solo adventure, our Group Travel Service has a few reasons why you need to […]

How to Live Like a Local When Traveling

Whether you’ve arranged an independent vacation or are experiencing a new destination through group travel, it’s almost certain that one of the main reasons you’ve decided to pack your bags and leave familiar surroundings is to discover something different, new, and real. Wherever your trail may lead, you’ll obviously want to plan an itinerary featuring […]

3 Great Resorts and Hotels to try in Cancun

Known for its mega resorts, restaurants, bars, nightlife activity, and so much more, Cancun is one of the greatest getaway destinations in the world. But with so many options, where does one even begin? Well, worry not, you have come to the right place, our Group Travel Service organizes Trips to Cancun for our clients and over […]

5 Tips for Travel Safety in Winter Weather

Traveling during winter is not like traveling during other seasons of the year, it requires extra-special precautions. Being aware of this and taking the necessary measures to guarantee your safety is one way to ensure that you arrive to your destination safely. Severe winter weather is unpredictable and you, therefore, have to be on guard […]

The Best Winter Break Destinations in the United States

Snow-covered mountains, Christmas lights, warm sunny beach towns, wilderness cabins, you name it. There are numerous exciting winter activities and destinations in the United States. Our Group Travel Service has come up with a list of several exceptional winter destinations that you and your loved ones can try out this winter. New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans is […]