Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Trips

The Thanksgiving Holiday is arguably one of the busiest travel periods of the year; known for its infamous transportation delays, traffic snarl-ups, and travel snags at nearly every turn. But we have to get to our loved ones, right? With a bit of planning, you may be able to ease some of the stress that comes with traveling during this holiday period. Whether you’re heading to your home town or meeting up with loved ones for a holiday adventure, you’ll be glad you incorporated this list of Thanksgiving tips compiled by our Group Travel Service.

Pack Light

Luggage fees, especially when you’re traveling as a group, add up fast. Also, do you really want to keep checking bags through airport security? Packing light is not that difficult unless, of course, you have an infant with you. However, if you have school-aged kids who don’t need much, there is no reason why you can’t fit everything into a spacious carry-on; one for each person.

Wherever you’re headed for Thanksgiving, whether it’s a hotel or grandma’s house, you will have access to a washing machine, so there is really no need to pack up your whole closet. When it comes to shoes, wear one comfortable pair and pack just one more pair, after all, it’s a short holiday getaway, you might not even get the chance to wear a third pair. Remember also, don’t carry what you can purchase ahead; supermarkets and stores are all over the country, so you can leave the toiletries for later. Try to cut down on your load as much as possible for a comfortable, stress-free journey.

Choose Travel Times Carefully

One of the best ways to avoid holiday travel stress and anxiety is to be conscious and mentally prepared for the crowds before you even leave for your trip. Plan properly for the trip and make sure that you book your accommodations ahead of time. Also book your flight at least a month before you leave and explore alternative routes that may be cheaper than conventional routes around the holidays.

Choose your Airport Carefully

Choosing the most convenient airport is, of course, not uncommon for travelers but around the holidays, it can make a world of difference to your comfort and convenience. At no time will this tactic pay off more than around the holidays. We recommend that you choose one of the smaller airports because they are always less congested than the more common terminals. It will also be easier to find parking space, avoid heavy traffic on the way there, and to get through security faster at a smaller airport. Keep in mind that these smaller airports have fewer flights and will consequently experience fewer delays. Around the holidays, it’s better to go against the current when it comes to choosing an airport.